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DAX, spol. s r.o., with its headquarters in Kladno, was founded in 1991. It primarily provides designs for industrial automation in the mechanical engineering, car, printing, paper and cable industries, etc.

ts scope of business is very wide, ranging from deliveries of single-purpose programmable logic controllers to long production lines, including their reconstruction. Moreover, we also design dispatching and testing rooms, including data processing and evaluation.

e provide our customers with comprehensive services – from providing the most appropriate design via complete implementation to follow-up maintenance.



[15.5.15] We make custom „Control Station“ for the company Three Bond Czech s.r.o.. This is a device which allows simple control of completeness soaking screws.  [4.5.15] We make custom „Automatic Gluer“ for the company AutoCont IPC s.r.o.. This is an automatic Gluer TPS label. [24.4.15] We make custom „The new Control System gas conveyor ovens“ for the company Fornax a.s.. It is a procedure for producing glass furnace insulation.

We represent the following companies in the Czech Republic:

Labotek (granule transport, distribution, storage and drying equipment)


Labotek (granule transport, distribution, storage and drying equipment)